AS340 operates at SATA III interface & the sequential read/write tốc độ is up khổng lồ 505/410 MB/s, making it a perfect companion for budding gamers on a budget.

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AS340 has an extended life with improved operation stability, maintaining the performance highly efficiency even after long-term usage.

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2X faster Loading files so fast và computer boots up immediately


PC/MOD/Console Gamer Gamer / Graphic designer / HD video creator


Low nguồn Consumption 95% less power consumption than HDD và longer battery life


High Performance Powered by multiple advanced technologies to lớn keep SSD performing at optimum


Apacer SSD Widget Free SSD management, self-monitoring, analysis and reporting giải pháp công nghệ, instant firmware update

Model AS340 Capacity 120GB / 240GB Interface SATA HI 6Gb/s NAND Flash Type TLC Sustained Read Performance(MB/sec) 120GB : Up to 500MB/S; 240GB: Up khổng lồ 505MB/S Sustained Write Performance(MB/sec) 120GB : Up to 375MB/S; 240GB: Up to 410MB/S IOPs (4K Random Write) Up lớn 7,000 ECC Support Up khổng lồ 72bit/lKB Shock 1,500G Vibration 20G Low Power nguồn Consumption 350mA (Max.) MTBF 1,500,000 Hours Humidity 5% -95% Operating Temperature 0°C ~ +70°C Storage Temperature -40°C~+856C Dimension 100(L) x 69.9(W) x 7(H) milimet Weight 75g Certificate CE, FCC, BSMI, RCM, VCCI Warranty 3 Years

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ModelBrvà Series Model Used For
DetailsForm Factor Capacity Memory Components Interface
PerformanceMax Sequential Read Max Sequential Write MTBF
Up lớn 500MB/s
Up to 375MB/s
1,500,000 hours
EnvironmentalOperating Temperature Storage Temperature Operating Humidity Max Shochồng Resistance
0°C ~ +70°C
-40°C ~ +85°C
5% lớn 95%
Additional InformationDate First Available
January 26, 2017

Pros: *Price: One of the cheaper options should you need an inexpensive upgrade or replacement drive for your PC*Comes with a neat bachồng plate cover for the sata ports*Super lightweight and fits standard 2.5 inch kích thước drive sầu bays*It's still an SSD

Cons: *Speeds are not quite as fast as advertised. I'll explain later. *The software doesn't work at all on my Windows 10 64Bit system... says something along the lines of "no apacer ssd detected". So that settles that. Can't tell you what the "widget" is supposed to bởi vì because it doesn't work.

Overall Review: On Apacer's site, they spec this drive sầu for reads and writes as 545 MB/s và 520 MB/s respectively. Well.. unfortunately for this drive the real numbers fall short. The benchmarks show maybe 60 or 70% of the advertised tốc độ. But the real world data transfers roughly half & in some cases less than that. Now, from what I've seen, real world file transfers are always going to lớn be slower than benchmarks its just a matter of how much. Here are the numbers:AS SSD Version 1.8.5: 419 MB/s Read 305 MB/s Write Score of 487Crystal Disk Mark 5.1.2 x64: 466 MB/s Read 302 MB/s WriteATTO: 468 MB/s Read 302 MB/s WriteAnvil Storage Utilities 1.1.0: 418 MB/s Read 280 MB/s WriteSamsung Magician: 464 MB/s Read 308 MB/s WriteThen I decided to run it through some real world testing by copying files lớn & from the drive sầu then measuring how long it takes. First were HD Rips và a Windows 10 ISO equaling 9.78GB in kích cỡ. Copying lớn và from my OCZ Deneva 2 400GB SSD khổng lồ the Apacer.HD Rips & Windows ISO took 30 seconds lớn copy from the OCZ lớn the Apacer. Avg. 322MB/s Write - copying the files baông xã took 37 seconds Avg. 258 MB/s ReadNext I used 12GB of smaller doc, pics, exe cộ, videos, pictures, etc type files và here is where this drive sầu really struggles. Copying files from the OCZ khổng lồ the Apacer took 1 Minute 47 seconds which averages 112 MB/s Write speed. Ouch. Copying them baông chồng then took 2 Minutes và 4 seconds which averages 96 MB/s Read. Now to lớn be fair, many SSD's và hard drives will always struggle sending smaller files as quickly as monolithic large ones. That is lớn be expected. But this far of a dip is kindomain authority surprising. I didn't have time to lớn image it và see how fast it loads Windows. But I'd say, still way faster than a hard drive sầu any day. I'd recommend this guy as a cheap replacement should your máy vi tính hard drive sầu bite the dust and this happens to lớn be the cheapest / only option lớn get you bachồng up và running again. Sure. It'll vì fine. If you are looking for blazing speed and features look elsewhere.