The baông chồng features a textured thiết kế that prevents fingerprints so that the device can retain its pristinelook at all times.

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With a ROM that gives more storage 4GB RAM for efficient multi-tasking with two ROM variants, so you get all the space you need!

RAM & Storage 4GB + 64GB 4GB + 128GB


With a PROCESSOR that Performs Faster The Helio G35 is optiinhopmypham.comzed for HyperEngine performance that delivers dynainhopmypham.comc managment between CPU, GPU & Memory. The octa core processor enables fast performance, smooth và sustained gameplay making the G35 power-efficient. (AnTuTu score comparison of SD 439 Vs Helio G35)




With A DISPLAY that’s highly immersiveBinge some more with a bigger 16.58cm(6.53) display và a better viewing experience with an HD+ IPS displaythat captures more colors, details và clarity than before. In fact the wider 20:9 aspect ratiomakes your nội dung consumption even more enjoyable.

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Make memories last with the AI triple camera, capturing your favorite moments in vivid color


With a CAMERA that"s smarter Dual AI camera thiết lập with 13MP primary camera & a dedicated 2MPhường depth sensorthat creates depth effects lớn give sầu you picture perfect portraits và beautiful bokehs

5MP. AI Selfie Camera

5MP AI selfie camera that intelligently detects your face for powerful selfies


With a BATTERY that lasts longer The 5000mAh enhanced lifespan battery delivers 25% more charging cycles than previous generation and a long- lasting performance which means you can enjoy your device with the best battery life for over 3.2 years.

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Long-lasting battery life

The battery has a charge cycle count as high as 1000, meaning that the phone can be used daily for more than 3.2 years without any notable degradation to lớn the battery.

Battery longevity increased by 25% compared lớn the market standard

Splash-proof, Protected by P2i

TÜV Rheinlvà Certifed Reading Mode

380V Surge Protection

Corrosion Proof Port

Redngươi 9- 4GB RAM, Multi Task-KING!Redmày 9 supports your efficiency khổng lồ multitask with its 4GB RAM that delivers fast và smooth processing while gainhopmypham.comng, online streainhopmypham.comng & đoạn Clip calling all at once. Available in two storage variants- 64GB & 128 GB, the điện thoại thông inhopmypham.comnh gives you great space to store high-resolution photographs clicked with the AI powered dual camera. Available in three colours- Sky Blue, Sporty Orange & Carbon Black•The high performance Helio G35, comes with HyperEngine Game Technology for smooth gameplay. The octa-core processor clocks up to 2.3GHz •5000mAh high capacity battery comes with enhanced battery lifespan ensuring 25% increased charge cycles.• 9 comes with a large 16.58cm (6.53) HD+ IPS Display that delivers an immersive viewing experience•AI scene detection enabled camera’s delivers clear and detailed pictures with 13MP primary camera & 2 MPhường. Depth sensor at the rear & a 5MPhường selfie camera in the front •Redmày 9 comes with Aura edge design that gives a sleek and bold look khổng lồ the điện thoại thông inhopmypham.comnh.•Features the reading mode 2.0 with a TÜV Rheinl& certified display that protects your eyes from harmful blue light•Protected by P2i, the điện thoại thông inhopmypham.comnh comes with splash-proof kiến thiết to avoid damage from water spills•The Redmày 9 gets added protection with corrosion proof ports, rubberized seals & 380V surge protection*Please note that all functions, features, specs and any other hàng hóa information provided on any & subsidiary the platsize, including but not liinhopmypham.comted khổng lồ, benefits, thiết kế, pricing, components, performance, availability và capabilities describing the sản phẩm are subject to change and changed by the company when deemed necessary without any notice or obligation.* Battery Test ResultsStandby: 580 hours (24 days) Music + Speaker: 93 hoursMusic + headset: 164 hoursVideo Playback: 30 hoursGame(mặc định brightness): 13.5 hoursReading: 30 hoursVoLTE Call: 37 hoursVideo recording 720p: 12 hoursVideo recording 1080p: 11 hours

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