D’.Le Pont D’or CT1 Hoang Cau apartment tower is a place that you can you enjoy the peaceful space và see the rhythm of urban life through a wide open space. You can feel the destination through your naked eye before going lớn the heart of the đô thị by arterial road connecting the center of Hanoi to the important areas of the capital.

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In 2011, Paul Creso và Steve Wang who have sầu achieved much success in the overall concept consultant for models of housing and social works in many tropical countries completed the ideas for D’.Le Pont D’or tower. This is a green architecture project with luxury apartment tower that combines harmonically the elegant, neo-classic architecture and convenience, luxury. Moreover, it also particularly concerns about human health, community and the environment. D’.Le Pont D’or Hoang Cau apartment building is expected lớn create a high-level standards of clean và comfortable living space for its future owners.


– Lvà area of the project: 5.363,4 mét vuông Construction area for CT1: 2.244 m2

– Floor area (excluding the basement ground và KT): 51.383 m2

– Area of basement: 16.244 m2

– Total floor area of building: 67.627 m2

– Building density: 41,8 %

– L& use coefficient: 9,6 time

– Number of floors above sầu ground: 23 floors

– Number of basement: 04 basements

– Construction height: 79,75 m

Dlepontdor Hoang Cau luxury apartment building is built on an area of 5215mét vuông with the building density is very low, at only 41.8%. The construction area is 2244m2.

The building consists of 4 floor below ground and 23 floors above sầu ground. This is one of rare projects in Hanoi which use 4 basements only for parking cars & motorcycle of residents in the building. Owning an apartment in Dlepontdor, you will has at least 1 space for car parking and 2 spaces motorcycle parking. The building has a separate entrance/exit khổng lồ help its residents move easily and not be stuông chồng at rush hours.


The highlight of the project is that it reserve the 1st floor and 2nd floor of the building to provide high-end facilities, such as:

+ The 1st floor with the height of 7.5m is used for trade center which area is 2000mét vuông. It has many premium stalls to lớn serve sầu residents in the building. The building lobby is designed in the classic French style.

+ The 2nd floor is a complex space of swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi, gym with area of 960m2 in total; in which, the area of four-season pool is 180mét vuông that just few apartment buildings in Hanoi capital has. The area of community living room is 155m2; & the kindergarten is 440mét vuông.

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There are 308 luxury apartments in total from the 3rd to lớn 23rd floor. The building is divided into section A and B, with the same plan và they are symmetric through the center axis of the building. Plan of each section only consists 8 or 9 apartments, with 4 high-tốc độ elevators and two stairway khổng lồ help residents move quickly & conveniently. The width of each corridor is 3.2m & is designed lớn exposure to natural light and fresh air.

The project has 18 kinds of apartment with different area, so customers could easily choose a apartment suitable with their demand: the smallest is 64mét vuông with a bedroom, the apartments with 2 bedrooms are apartments number 73,92,98,108,112, with 3 bedrooms are apartments number 128,130,144,149; Specially, the project has 18 Duplex apartments that are apartments number 129,146,183 và 8 penhouses numbers 397,417,423,448 on 22nd lớn 23rd floor.

All the space in the apartments are lighted and ventilated naturally. The apartment is filled with sunshine và cool wind và you can enjoy great scenery of park from living room, dining room or bedroom. Living room & dining room are designed khổng lồ be connecting rooms and can be connected with kitchen & multipurpose room to have sầu a large & class space. The bedroom is spacious with comfort separate dressing room and restroom.

The roof-top of the building is arranged with green campus and 1.594mét vuông wide walkways in order that the residents can relax – this is chất lượng point that has not seen in the apartment buildings in Hanoi before.

With intelligent kiến thiết given by the leading consulting unit, the plan of the building is arranged so reasonably that it can even satisfy the most difficult customers. Public corridors & stairway system with naturally airy kiến thiết is near apartments to lớn create the convenience without affecting the privacy of families. The plans of the apartments are designed meticulously & reasonably lớn each detail. In a standard and comfort living space, Pont D’or D’.Le Hoang Cau apartment building has all utilities for a high- màn chơi life. There is an indoor pool which is reserved for the 5-star hotel và luxury villas. The indoor pool not only represents the talent of the architectural designers, but also show the high life of the owners. The large room for thể hình is sunny and fully equipped with the most modern equipment and has many enthusiastic professionals. The Spage authority is quiet with natural scent welcome you every day to lớn relax và enjoy. All are cleverly arranged lớn bring you satisfaction with your own time at your trang chính.