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HCM. Đề thi VNU-EPT có 4 nội dung: Nghe gọi, dọc đọc, viết với nói. Dưới đó là một mẫu đề thi VNU-EPT. Mời chúng ta xem thêm tài liệu VNU-EPT test book tiếp sau đây để làm rõ rộng về ngôn từ cũng tương tự cấu trúc của loại đề thi này. VNU-EPT Sample test 1 SECTION 1: LISTENING The listening section, consisted of conversations and lectures, tests your English listening skills. There are four passages

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VNU-EPT Sample kiểm tra 1SECTION 1: LISTENINGThe listening section, consisted of conversations và lectures, tests your English listening skills. There are four passages & 32 questions, which are based on either stated or implied information in the passages.Each passage will be played twice. The questions will follow each passage. Each question has four answer choices. Select the best answer for each question.You may take notes while you listen & use your notes lớn answer the questions.VNU-EPTSample thử nghiệm 22PART 1 (trăng tròn pts)Direction: In Part 1 you will hear ten conversations between two people. After the second listening of each conversation, you will hear a question & there are four possible answers provided. Select the best answer for each question.1. (A) At a romantic restaurant.6. (A) $29.(B) In a law company. (C) At Tom’s house.(D) At a movie theater.(B) Nearly $30. (C) $39.99.(D) $trăng tròn.99.2. (A) In cash.7. (A) Interested.(B) By debit card. (C) By credit card.(D) By check.(B) Disappointed. (C) Annoyed.(D) Angry.3. (A) Buy some birthday cards.8. (A) The customer may be inexperienced. (B) Skết thúc some postcards. (B) The customer sends e-mail too often. (C) Skết thúc some gifts khổng lồ his six relatives. (C) The customer has an important(D) Skết thúc some birthday cards khổng lồ e-mail.(D) He (the technician) knows what the4. (A) Japan.problem is.(B) The U.S. (C) Kuwait.(D) Austria.9. (A) Australia. (B) Ireland.(C) Scotl&.5. (A) They are worried, so they cannot eat.(D) America.(B) They vì not have sầu enough time.

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(C) They are working.(D) They will leave sầu work in ten minutes.10. (A) It was expensive. (B) It was cheaper.(C) It was his girlfriend’s choice.(D) It was more interesting than the tripto lớn nhật bản.VNU-EPT Sample test 3PART 2 (20 pts)Direction: In Part 2 you will hear a conversation or a discussion. After the second listening, there are six incomplete sentences and four possible options provided for each gap. Select the best option to lớn complete the sentence.11. The topic of the radio program17. Julie probably tells herself “_____” if probably is “_____”.she learns khổng lồ ride a bicycle.(A) Never think about past mistakes (B) How to be optimistic(C) Be positive sầu in failures(D) Always use positive language12.(A) It will take me too much time. (B) I’ll fail again.(C) I’ll never try again if I fail now. (D) I can ride it soon.18.13. ForAndy, _____ is very important.19. Miriam says that we should _____ to(A) living for todayimprove sầu our bad feelings.(B) keeping past memories (C) arranging for the future (D) avoiding mistakes14.(A) do good things to lớn other people (B) các mục all the things for a good future(C) keep a các mục of good memories at hand(D) try lớn have a good time every week15. Julie says people have sầu negativeđôi mươi.thoughts _____.21. Michael doesn’t want lớn say “I’m (A) if they fail in lovesorry” because he thinks _____.(B) every time they fail (C) now & then(D) when they stop working(A) it’s not good lớn admit a mistake(B) action is more important than words(C) it’s better lớn say “I know my mistake”16.(D) positive language can encourage people better22.VNU-EPTSample thử nghiệm 4423.PART 3 (28 pts) 24.25.Direction: In Part 3 you will hear a talk or a discussion. After the second listening, there are eight questions. Select the best answer to lớn each question.26.27. What is the conversation mainlyabout?35. What did his wife bởi vì for hlặng beforeshe left?(A) Why and how a man lost his memory.(A) She did charity & prayed for hlặng. (B) Things turn worse with a loss of(B) She took care of hlặng for a long time.memory.(C) Life of a man who lost his memory. (D) A lost memory: a broken family.28.(C) She worked in a new center to take care of hlặng.(D) She got good treatment for hyên ổn in theU.S.29. Why did the man thua thảm his memory?36.(A) He had an accident.(B) He has a virulent disease.37. What happens when he meets hischildren?(C) He’s getting old.(D) He has a genetic brain disease.30.(A) Sometimes he calls their names.(B) They talk khổng lồ him about their company.(C) He’s happy lớn see them.31. What is a result of his problem?(D) He tells them they vì chưng not need to(A) Everything continually gets refreshed38. to hyên ổn.(B) He lives a sad life in a hospital. (C) He often gets lost & hurt.(D) His wife left hyên ổn & remarried in the U.S.32.come again.39. What is probably his favorite TV program?(A) A football match. (B) A trò chơi.(C) A comedy.33. If he says hello to a person at 8:00,when will he probably say hello again?40.(A) 8:07(B) 8:05:07(D) A movie.41. What will the female speaker probablydo?(C) 8:30 (D) 8:00:0734.43.(A) Visit the siông chồng man.(B) Bring the siông chồng man a piano.(C) Playing the piano for the siông chồng man. (D) Wait to see the siông xã man on TV.42.VNU-EPT Sample demo 5 ... -

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